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Good news

The doctor took Dan into a room and said: 
- Dan, I have good and bad news
- Give the good one - Dan said
- A new disease will be named after you.

Alcoholics having fun

Alcoholics having fun
A man arrived at a year-end meeting, his friend insisted:
- Want a glass?
- No, thanks. I have to drive today.
- Then why did you drive here?
- Well, I've thought about it, but I was afraid there would be no drinks left if I arrived late.   :))))
*year-end meeting: buổi họp mặt cuối năm

What time?

There was a stammerer going on the bus. After a while, he asked a passenger:

- What....ti..me....is....is.....i...t?

The passenger didn’t respond, he just showed his watch to the stammerer.

A while later, still the same question, the passenger said nothing and did the same as the last question: he showed the stammerer his watch.

When the stammerer got off the bus, an old man said to the passenger:

- Why were you being so disrespectful to that man? You didn’t answer him properly.

He responded in return:

- Because I...I...a..m.....a..a.....stammer...er....too. If....f...I...I...had answered...ed...d.....him......, he.......would...d...d....ha..ve.....thought..t...t....me..e...making jokes....s..s...on.....him...



[Be careful everyone]

[Be careful everyone]
         Yesterday when I was wandering around, a lady came up to me asked me to check if her phone was working fine. I hapily agreed. After a while checking all the modes, she kind of reminded me bout a folk I saw on the news that hypnotised people by phones (OMG!!!)
         So frightened that I ran away. She chased after me and shouted so loudly. It took me such me such a long time to run away from that scary lady.
         After getting home and calming myself down, I realised I was still holding her new iPhone 11.


Cure for sleep-walking

A man with a cracked skull was sent to the hospital
The doctor said:
- What's the matter?
- My wife would never ever agree that her steak she made for me was too hard - answered the patient
- And?
- And she took that steak and hit it onto my head.