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Kid's love

Kid's love

A freshman came back to his dorm after hanging out and announced:

  • Finally, a girl wanted to sacrificed her everything just for me.

All of the roommates noisily questioned him:

  • Who is she? Tell me!
  • Rosie, in the History class.
  • What did she say to you?
  • She said: “Love you???? I’d rather jump from this high balconyyy”


Worse than cattle

In a small room with only an old wooden bed, there was a couple which crazily love one another but never have the idea of jumping the gun. she loved him by her whole heart that she couldn't bear seeing him laying on the freezing cold floor. between the two of them is pillows with scribbles "pass this meaning u are no longer human".
Being a kind and generous knight, he has stopped his desire and didn't do anything.
The morning after that struggling night, she suddenly left without any words, only him with a small note: "You are worse than cattle"



She has been falling in love with him for a long time, but she has never had enough bravery to say it.

She posted a flirty status: “Guess the name of my partner, I’ll do anything you want”

Inadvertently, he commented just after she posted: “You like me, don’t you?”

Love surrounded her when she read it, she immediately replied: “Yeah, I do like you”


A special message

A guy sent a message via SMS to a girl that he had feelings for with a context like this: "Hi! When you see this message, you owe me a date. Delete this the text, you owe me a girlfriend. Save this text, you owe me a kiss. Reply to me, you owe me everything. And if there's no response from you, that means...you have fell in love with me!"
A moment later, that boy received a message from a stranger: "I'm her boyfriend. See this message, meet me tonight. Delete this text, I 'owe' you 100 punches. Save this text, I continue 'owing' you 200 kicks in your butt. Reply to me, you'll 'deserve' even more. No response? Coming to your house tonight is my only choice!"


Given the functions:
Handsome = 1
Unattractive = -1
Loyal = 2
Rich = -3
Broke = +3 
Maried = 0
From that, we have:
Handsome + Loyal = Broke
Loyal + Rich = Unattractive
Broke + Unattractive = Loyal
Handsome + Rich = Amorous
Handsome + Rich + Loyal = Maried