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A bunch of tourists stopped at a farm, they had a talk with the farmers: “How much milk do these 2 cows produce daily?”

  • The black or the white one? – The farmer asked.
  • The white one, for example.
  • 10 litres.
  • And the black one?
  • 10 litres, also.
  • What do you feed the cow everyday?
  • Which one?
  • For instance, the white cow.
  • Oh, alfalfa
  • What about the black then?
  • Same, alfalfa.
  • But, if both of them are similar, literally about everything, why do you always ask me which one? – the vistor express their irritation about the conversation.
  • Well, because that white cow is mine.
  • Oh, now I get it!! So the black…?
  • Mine as well!!!!!!

alfalfa: cỏ linh lăng

fuming: tức tới nỗi đầu bốc khói