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Worse than cattle

In a small room with only an old wooden bed, there was a couple which crazily love one another but never have the idea of jumping the gun. she loved him by her whole heart that she couldn't bear seeing him laying on the freezing cold floor. between the two of them is pillows with scribbles "pass this meaning u are no longer human".
Being a kind and generous knight, he has stopped his desire and didn't do anything.
The morning after that struggling night, she suddenly left without any words, only him with a small note: "You are worse than cattle"

Repress your anger

Husband: When I got mad at you, you'll never yell at me back. How can you repress your anger so well?
Wife: Oh I would go and clean the toilet.
Husband: So how can it reduce your hot temper efficiently?
Wife: Well... I'd use your toothbrush.

Wife prevents pregnancy because husband is infertile

Wife prevents pregnancy because husband is infertile
By chance seeing her best friend taking medicine, Rosie asked:
- Are you sick?
- None! - She replied, - It's just a birth control pill, I have to actively avoid it during this period.
Rosie curiously replied:
- Didn't you say a few months ago that your husband was diagnosed with infertility?
The friend sighed.
- That's why I avoid it even more.
- !?!

infertility: Vô sinh

sighed: Thở dài


why mad????

why mad????

After crazy-bull-run-around disease finally had spreaded everywhere, a reporter was dispatched to find the reason.

After the while asking people, she went to a cow ranch, where the first case was found.

“How can you take care of those cows?” she asked the farm owner.

“Well, we feed them on time everyday, milk twice a day, breed them twice a year...”

“Oh that’s strange. So how did they get mad?”

“Let’s me ask you this: everyday I milk you twice but only give you one time of hanging out with your boyfriend, will you be mad???”