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Eating freshmen

Eating freshmen
A person from a cannibal tribe is abducting someone. His friend saw him, asked: 
- What have you found?
- Oh, a university freshman.
- What? Another one? Let him go right away!
- But why?
- I also caught one yesterday. The water didn't have the chance to boil, and he had eaten every single potato in the pot!
*cannibal tribe: bộ tộc ăn người 

Special situation

Two men were strolling on the trail oppositely. The closer they get, they can see more clearly that they have the same gait. They were both dragged one of their legs on the ground.
When they met, one of them pointed at his feet, emotionally explain:
"Gulf War! 20 years ago"
the other guy nod and with a sympathize voice while also pointing at his feet and said:
"Dog poo! 20 meters from here"

war and peace

2 new soldiers were talking in the barracks:
- Why did you choose to be a soldier?
- Oh, because I'm single. Plus, I love wars. How about you?
- Oh, I have already had my own family, but I love peace.



A bunch of tourists stopped at a farm, they had a talk with the farmers: “How much milk do these 2 cows produce daily?”

  • The black or the white one? – The farmer asked.
  • The white one, for example.
  • 10 litres.
  • And the black one?
  • 10 litres, also.
  • What do you feed the cow everyday?
  • Which one?
  • For instance, the white cow.
  • Oh, alfalfa
  • What about the black then?
  • Same, alfalfa.
  • But, if both of them are similar, literally about everything, why do you always ask me which one? – the vistor express their irritation about the conversation.
  • Well, because that white cow is mine.
  • Oh, now I get it!! So the black…?
  • Mine as well!!!!!!

alfalfa: cỏ linh lăng

fuming: tức tới nỗi đầu bốc khói